There’s a fact traditional training companies don’t like to acknowledge: standard English teaching methodologies don’t deliver results. After all, Italian professionals have been learning English throughout their lives. The business community should therefore be full of people who can communicate effectively — people who are confidently fostering cross-border relationships and using English to drive lucrative deals.

But it’s not. Instead, it’s full of frustrated people who have spent time and money on training — but don’t have English abilities that reflect their expertise or seniority. And that means those cross-border bonds and deals aren’t materializing in the way they want.

Watching TV in English is definitely a great complementary activity to taking an English course and we always encourage our students to incorporate it into their weekly habits. It’s a passive and very enjoyable way of practicing general listening comprehension, exposing yourself to different accents and idiomatic language, as well as building understanding of Anglophone cultures and humor.

So here is our shortlist of the best TV series to help improve your English. They’re all award winning, provide insight into the local culture, and have been well reviewed by our business English students!


Genre: Crime Drama


Mindset Changes That Help You Use English More Effectively


Video Calls in English — 5 Tips for Italian and French Speakers


How to Improve Your English Accent: An English Pronunciation Guide for French Speakers


Ensure Training Continuity During Coronavirus: 4 Best Practice Tips

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Technology developments are defining the future of corporate language training. Leverage it in the right way, and you’ll have the power to enhance professional development opportunities, personalize learning and boost business outcomes.

So what trends should you keep track of? These days, merely having an app or offering a few videos isn’t enough. Instead, search for cutting-edge digital platforms featuring some or all of the following elements.

1. Artificial intelligence (AI)

AI is opening up numerous possibilities when it comes to corporate learning. For example, it can automate certain processes to streamline the user experience and boost productivity. …


South African Work Culture — Practical Tips for Doing Business in South Africa

Zoe Flaherty, The Language Grid

Connecting businesses and people across borders with practical, effective English. Digital learning as an environmentally sustainable training solution.

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